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The Interventional Oncology Challenge by MEDX Xelerator focuses on disruptive products in Interventional Oncology.


Application Deadline:
Tuesday, March 1st, 2022

About the Challenge

MEDX Xelerator is looking to develop the next major innovation in interventional oncology. We invite innovators and companies looking for a seed round operating in the field of interventional oncology to join our portfolio with up to $1M in funding. Individuals, entrepreneurs, physicians as well as companies are eligible to participate. Companies will be evaluated by a group of judges chaired by Prof.  Stephen B. Solomon, chief interventional radiologist at the cancer institute of memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.  The winners will be invited to join either as portfolio companies at MEDX or as an XLab (a feasibility project). Important clinical unmet needs can qualify for the XLab program.


Interventional Oncology

Interventional oncology, from the perspective of an Interventional Radiologist, uses minimally invasive intravascular or percutaneous based therapy approach for patients with liver, colorectal, lung, bone/soft tissue, kidney, and potentially metastatic cancers, as primary examples. Interventional procedures are primarily delivered via a catheter-based approach that delivers treatment directly to the tumor. This intravascular approach tends to create less collateral damage to the body as a whole, resulting in less side effects compared to other cancer treatments, including surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Interventional procedures can be image-guided in combination with other cancer treatments. The field of Interventional oncology through radiology procedures is a rapidly growing and is an evolving arena from a clinical as well as a commercial perspective

Suggested Interventional Oncology Development Directions:

The following suggestions are directions that address known needs and gaps and are aligned with the interventional oncology market trends. These can provide an indicator to the relevance of an existing company or project to this challenge, as well as guide and direct entrepreneurs to generate new ideas aligned with the challenge. As the list is not exhaustive, relevant ideas that do not fall into the specific categories will be considered as well.

A) Embolization techniques

  • Tumor embolization
  • Identify all vessels leading to the tumor
  • Embolization verification

B) Ablation technologies

  • Innovative cancer therapy that can be delivered percutaneously to treat tumors and/or reduce tumor volume. Possible cancer targets: liver, pancreas, prostate, lung, kidney etc.
  • Real time monitoring of ablation tissue damage/ identify nerves in the tissue
  • Selective or controlled ablation method, including but not limited to Cryo-ablation, Microwave ablation, RF ablation, and other novel thermal and non-thermal ablation approaches
  • Unit procedures into a single step treatment: Biopsy and ablation in the same procedure
  • Smart needle which can detect in real time the different tissue layers

C) Treatment and Procedural optimization

  • Innovative minimally invasive cancer medical device solutions (no drugs or nanoparticles)
  • Perform diagnostics within a biopsy needle or fast release of tissue from a biopsy needle
  • Transfer procedures from a hospital setting to Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASC), outpatient, or physician offices.
  • A low-cost robotic system designed for biopsy and/or oncological treatment
  • New imaging modalities to replace CT/MRI
  • AI/deep learning in interventional oncology for accurate treatments

About MEDX Xelerator

MEDX Xelerator is a leading MedTech incubator based in Israel – a partnership of Boston Scientific, CBG group, the Sheba Medical Center and MEDX Ventures. Operating under the auspices of the Israel Innovation Authority, MEDX leverages the healthcare expertise and industry experience of its team with the industry leading insights of its partners to identify and nurture high impact medical ventures for the benefit of patients and health care professionals. MEDX’s portfolio companies all address major clinical needs with significant innovation in big markets and the Incubator team works closely with the teams to consistently achieve outstanding clinical and business goals in capital efficient way. The incubation program is a 2-year program with up to $1M in seed funding and access to a strong network, of Key Opinion Leaders and engineering resources and supports all aspects of the ventures including business development, multi-disciplinary R&D, IP consultation, marketing and PR services, accounting, and administrative office services. All companies operate from the incubator office space -a vibrant environment of innovation and a company culture that supports focus and goal achievement. The incubator is open to innovation coming from international entrepreneurs, universities, and hospitals.


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    For questions and for more information: +972-(0)54-8078744.

    P.O. Box 619
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    Or Yehuda 6037606, Israel

    Office: +972-3-939-0888 [email protected]

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