On Wednesday, February 21 MEDX Xelerator hosted a lively roundtable discussion led by Prof. Stephen Solomon, Chief of Interventional Radiology at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York and attended by the leaders of the field in Israel.

Wednesday’s event was the first in a series of MEDX Xelerator exclusive roundtable discussions, where prominent professionals from the medical field and entrepreneurship space come together to exchange ideas and debate trends in medicine, technology and business. This roundtable participants were interventional radiologists, including six hospital department heads from Israel.

“It was very interesting to discuss the differences and similarities in the issues faced by our field in Israel and the United States. I believe that research and development breakthroughs can help solve many of the challenges we face today, and incubators like MEDX Xelerator are important to drive such innovation,” said Prof. Solomon.

“Through these roundtable events we aim to gain a better understanding of the clinical gaps existing in specific medical fields, and how we can fill these gaps with technological innovation,” explained Edna Lazar, Chief Business Officer of MEDX Xelerator. “Now we can be more focused in our search for solutions for unmet needs in interventional radiology”.

Prof. Stephen Solomon leading the roundtable discussion of leading interventional radiologists at MEDX Xelerator